How it started

When we started BirthdayAlarm in 2001, we had two animated cards and one child. Today we have 3 cards and over 4,000 children. Oops. Reverse that. We now have 3 kids and we've created over 4,000 cards.

Not by ourselves, of course, but with the help of dozens of brilliantly talented people from around the world. The kids, however, we created on our own.

We hope you enjoy using BirthdayAlarm as much as we enjoy running it. It's our first web business, and the one we hold closest to our heart.

It's a ribbon.

I have chickens as pets

I'd like to build the longest zip line in the world

I met my wife when I was 19

I love to code

I love Guinness

It's a ribbon.

I have 30 first cousins

I have climbed Abuna Yemata Guh (a rock church in Ethiopia)

I met my husband when I was 18

I love family trips in our RV

Near death incident while camping (a tree fell on our tent in the night)


Philo is the greek word for loving

At BirthdayAlarm, our philosophy is all about spreading the love by helping people stay connected over special holidays, events and, of course, birthdays.

Our cards are a simple way to let those you love know that you're thinking about them.